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27 September 2009 @ 03:25 pm
so i havent posted anything in a while. mainly because no body looks at this blog. but whatever. So the new season of gossip girl started. WOOT. I love blair she is amazing. Like I jus tlove her bitchy sneaky ways and yet she still remains so ADORABLE! Blake Lively (Serena) looks like she is 30. And she draws her syllables out in a groggy way that is just really unpleasant. And that mole on her face! AHHH! I mean, yeah she is really pretty but... just kinda obnoxious.

Ok so I havent updated my south of nowhere fanfic story in like 3 months. Ugh its not that i have writers block its just that i... i dont know. If I start then i know i wont be able to stop.

there is the link if u want to check it out.
ive been writing it since january so its kinda all over the place. but its a fairly decent story. a lot better than a LOT of the crap i see people writing on FanFiction.net. Its called Making it Right. I got the idea for the title because i was pissed after the second season ended with the whole ashden thing. And i was like FUCK AIDEN this isnt right at all! Ashley should have told aiden to fuck off and then taken spencer in a deep passionate kiss whilst aiden bleeds on the ground lol.

well ok that isnt EXACTLY want happens in my story but she DOES make the right choice in my story and chooses spencer over aiden BUT there i a BIG twist! .... just read it.

hmmm. do u think Sprite would be a cool name for a pet? i think its kinda cute :)

im random and i dont really have anything substancial to talk about. Oh! if you want to see a really funny re-inactment of the first season of South of Nowhere, SmallvilleJunkie on YouTube did a short series of it and it is hilarious!

South of Nowhere re-cap part 1 (A)

South of Nowhere re-cap part 1 (B)

South of Nowhere the re-cap part 2

South of Nowhere- girls guide to dating


anywhoo they also have other videos about south so check them out. 

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11 July 2009 @ 09:36 pm

it. has. begun.



South of Nowhere's




....... oh my fucking god.

BREATH, LAUREN, BREATH GODDAMNIT!!! in, out, in, out, good.............

oh screw it, 




screw the discovery of electricity, screw the invention of toaster pastries, screw landing a man on the moon, screw the creation of the entire universe!!!!!!!!!! Today, a new hope is upon us. Today, we who have lost everything crawl out of the dark holes of despair that we were so blindingly cast into by the cursed N. Today, I can finally say that I have found reason in life again. Today, we rejoice as the beloved Spashley have been brought back from the dead. Today, we live. 




You are freaking ridiculously awesome!!!!! You are so awesome that Chuck Noris, himself, would bow at your feet. You have made so many lives better. The pope should give you his hat. The president should give you his house. Harry Potter should give you his fucking wand!!!!!!!!!

How on earth did you put this together? I simply must know. I mean, when I first found out about your plan for a 4th season it was like Christmas has come early!!!!!  And not only was it completely dream like, but it was so outstandingly organized! when i saw all the logos and picture editing, it pretty much blew my mind. Who are you, you incredible, godlike, entity? How did you pull this off? How could one person do such and amazing thing for us mere Spashley lovers? YOU are AMAZING!!

Episode 401: Orientation 

AWESOME. It fits the show so perfectly, it scares me. Like, how could it possibly be so great? its almost.... better than the show. and thats what scares me. the plot lines forming, the new characters. they are all just so perfect. it fitts the end of the series like a puzzle piece. 


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25 June 2009 @ 08:26 pm
....whoa. Micheal Jackson, THE Micheal Jackson- singer, dancer... pedifile- HAS DIED FROM CARDIAC ARREST!!!


well, at least on the bright side, little timmy can sleep in peace tonight, without fear of Micheal Jackson coming to rape him.

Well, in honor of MJ....

Indian Thriller

HAHAHAHHA! i tried to get the origial one but it doesnt let you embed it. DAMN YOU, YOUTUBE!!!!!!!!

but it was pretty funny anyways, right?................right?

WELL R. I. P. MJ!!!!!


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23 June 2009 @ 12:23 am
 Hey there,

Hokay, so lets get down to business. and by business i mean popular music groups from the early 2000's and late 90's. lol.

Alrighty, well it all started like this....*cue memory sequence* 

So basically, my cousin and I decided to have an old Mary-Kate and Ashley movie marathon. Now why the hell would we do that, you might ask? Well, simply because we both were throughly obsessed with them when we were little and we were celebrating our childhood.    DONT GIVE ME THAT LOOK! IT WAS FUN, OKAY?! oh come on! you KNOW they were cool back then. 

So basically, as we were watching Holiday in the Sun, there is this song that plays and i basically have a spaz attack and fall off of her bed because it was one of those 'OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD i remember that song!' moments. 

The song?

Us Against the World by Play.

Am I the only one who remembers how popular that song was?! Anyways, It got me so exicted because, well, i love remembering things that used to be 'so cool'. It makes me happy. Hence me talking about it on here. yeah.

AWWW! Doesnt the overwhelming early-2000's-ness of it make you want to smile?!!! :D :D :D <3<3<3

isnt the little lame-ass robot-dog amusing?! but at the same time, dont you remember how cool all of this was? and just looking at it now and thinking... wow, we suck

I rly like the part where the screen says 'Ninja Crisis!'
like, really? really? 

Well, I hope you enjoyed that.


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22 June 2009 @ 08:27 pm
so i dont know quite what I am gonna write about so i am just gonna ramble happily. :D

have you ever wondered why penguins are black and white but most other animals that live in cold places are completely white (polar bears, snow bunnies, snow foxes, ect.)? I mean y arent penguins white too? it would give them better camouflage. .... stupid penguins.

ok so does anyone know when the South of Nowhere Virtual Season 4: Getting Somewhere is starting?

Cuz I, for one am incredibly excited! i dont think ive ever been more excited for anything in my life!!!!! (yes, my life is rather pathedic... or maybe i just like being dramatic ;P) 

I LOOOOVEE South!!!! GODDAMN the N for canceling it! (may they burn in the fiery depths of hell) It kinda sucks for the cast, though. They go from being stars on this popular TV show to doing random crappy small appearances on lowly webisodes and crap. It just sucks. 

well, i think that this "LiveJournal" thing is just weird. i mean, like, seriously! what is the purpose?!!! is it like for fanfiction? is it for just blogging? is it like a facebook? SOMEONE ENLIGHTEN ME!  

and what is "blogging" for that matter? like, im not stupid, i get the general idea. its when ppl write things on websites, but, like, what are you supposed to blog about? is this blogging? what im doing right now? cuz if so then this world has become a very sad place.

Okay, can someone tell me what is so damn great about twitter?!! like WHAT THE FUCK?! it is just like constantly changing your status on facebook (which, bytheway, is rly lame.) Who CARES if im sleeping? Who CARES if i just got a new shirt? WHAT IS THE POINT?! my sorry but YOUR DAILY LIFE DOES NOT INTEREST ME!!!!! daily life is boring enough, why the hell would i read bout someone ELSES' boring daily life?! thats like watching the grass grow... on tv. 

ummmmm. well........


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