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Lalarama- Nice Random Things and Stuff

Weren't you listening?! I said nice random things and stuff!

Hi there! My name is Lauren. I am 19 years old, and I like a lot of things. There are also a vast sum of things I hate. It is this that balances the universe. Some might call it... The Force (lol). For example, I like kittens, I hate purple. I like vanilla, I hate country music. I like pink (the color, not the singer), I hate Daniel Radclife.
I could go on forever but that basically sums it up... ok it most definitely does not sum anything up, in fact, I have probably further confused you in your quest to comprehend the vast, overpowering awesomeness that is Lauren.
The mysteries of myself are still debated among scientists. Whether I be that sarcastic cold-hearted girl lurking in the corner, silently telling the world to screw itself, or the girly-girl hopping around in her pink mini, whose intense perkiness makes you hate your pathetic life a little bit more.
Further research is still needed.